Danse macabre and Teenage End

Dance of Death: In Central Europe, the theme of the Dance of Death has been popular since the plague epidemics of the Middle Ages, first in the form of murals, and also as printed illustrations beginning in the late 15th century. During this time, the idea caught on that all people, being equally threatened, must also in a sense be equal. In addition to their portrayal of society, Dances of Death also have a certain magical function, that of warding off death.

The trades and ranks depicted here could certainly use this magic, since they can’t just retreat into the home office of a spacious apartment or a nice building outside the city.

The exhibit has been open since August 2.

Peter Auge Lorenz

Born in 1963, spent the first three years of life sharing a one-room apartment with two other people. There was no telephone, TV or modern car back then, and there weren’t any later either. Stutters. After military service, studied a technical topic with a lot of promise that became obsolete by graduation in 1989. 

Bohemian in Berlin in the 90s in spite of poor English skills, unpaid comic librarian, 2 kids in spite of contraception. Author, artist and printmaker, no regular occupational pursuits.

Language: Deutsch

Friday, 08/27 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Bibliothek am Luisenbad
Badstr. 39
13357 Berlin