Comics are fricking awesome

We wouldn’t do this festival otherwise, right?

Comics are for everyone

CIB is a free entry and open door festival, everyone can come in, also everyone can join the festival team to help with the activities and contribute ideas. Book tables are affordable and can be shared.

Comics rock your socks off

CIB aims to present comics as lively and accessible as possible – more action, more participation, less boring talks.

Comics are made by you and me

CIB is an artist run festival and focuses on showcasing alternative and independent comic artists and projects.

Comics are art

CIB is a comics festival first and fights for comics to be its own category in the arts spectrum

Comics deserve more funding

CIB fights for more funding and grants for local comic artists.

Comics are a storytelling medium

CIB focuses on stories and issues. Style and cleverness are cool, but in the long run, the stories count.

Comics are created near you

CIB fights for the support of local upcoming artists. These don’t have to be german or born in Berlin, but if you call Berlin your home (even a temporary one) you are welcome at the festival.

Comics are political

CIB’s activities and exhibitions welcome political themes and commentary, even more so those coming from a progressive and multifaceted world view.

Comics are friendly and open

CIB is a diverse, LGBT friendly and pro-equality festival. We will not accept sexist, racist or bigoted material to be exhibited.

Comics are secular

CIB has no problem with religion in general, but material that aims to missionize the reader will not be accepted.

Comics are fricking awesome

Did we say that already?

Code of Conduct

We follow the ​Berlin Code of Conduct