Team 2023

CIB is organized by Renate Comics e.V. and Berlin comic artists and enthusiasts.


Lara Keilbart

Festival Lead, Podcast

Otherwise she is a freelance journalist and author.


Claire Webster

Festival Lead Assistant

Cartoonist, illustrator, sketchnoter, and also a translator from time to time.


Dominik Heilig

Art-Direktor, International

As a comic book author, he has published his action comic Kazka and the graphic novel God Bless India at Jaja Verlag.

Augusto Paim

Augusto Paim

International, Programm

Comic journalist, translator, researcher and organizer. Author of „Die Comicreportage: Journalistische Erzählung in Comicform“. Coordinator of the digital RENATE meetups.

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Works for Renate Comics.


Satellites, Finance

Member of Renate Comics. When she’s not doing comics, she draws Wimmelbilder.

Henna Räsänen

Henna Räsänen

Tables, Helper Coordination

Comic artist and freelance event organizer. Teaches drawing workshops. Website



Podcast, Website, Helpers

Designer and podcaster, producer of the comic podcast Yay, Comics!

Amé Binnarä Kim

Social Media Management 

Does Illustration + Comics and tells stories in different media. Drawn to cats and draws lots of cats(and bats)! 

Karin Frey

Karin Frey

Contest Coordination

As an enthusiastic comic reader, she had no choice but to get involved with the CIB. Closely linked to CIB since 2014!


Federico Cacciapaglia


Italian philosopher and comic artist who has found a home, a publisher and now a festival in his adopted home of Berlin.


Marc Seestaedt

Berliner Comic Fenster, Newsletter

Freelance artist and musician. Founded ComicInvasionBerlin in 2011 (together with Wandrille Leroy) and directed the festival until 2018.

Former team members

Stefan Neuhaus

Comic Scholarship

Chairman of Deutscher Comicverein. Organizes various workshops, training courses, exhibitions etc.

Annette Köhn

Marketing, Design

Annette is the publisher of Jaja Verlag, a board member of Renate Comics and likes to draw comics herself.

Daniel Demele


Berät kreative Projekte.

Laëtitia Graffart




Artist and co-founder of the Renate Comic Library.

Christopher de la Garza

Design, Satellites, Formulars

Comic book author and company designer. Co-founder and author of the HEMISPHERES Graphic Novel project.

Wandrille Leroy

Co-founder and former project lead

Comic artist and publisher

Lea Hübner

International, Program

Spanish and Portuguese translator, works with comics and is committed to increasing the visibility of Latin American comic artists. She coordinates the CIB stage program.