Jury 2020

Contest 2020

Elke Renate Steiner: visual artist, works as a comic book author, LIVE illustrator and illustrator, conducts comic workshops and teaches comic practice.

Stefan Jahrling studied media education, musicology and sociology and works as a media educator at the Museum for Communication in Berlin. Comics have inspired and accompanied him since childhood.


Lara Keilbart: not only as a journalist and presenter of a comic book chorus, but also as a committed boss of the comic invasion.

Kai Pfeiffer: visual artist, successful comic book author, taught at the Kassel Art University, long-time mentor of last year’s competition winners.

Laeticia Graffart: Experienced editor of the German-French punk comic series “Beton”, (comic) editor and translator. The mother of the Modern Graphic branch on Kastanienallee.


Federico Cacciapaglia: although a genuine Roman, Obelix would spare this gifted cartoon artist. After studying philosophy and comics in Rome and New York, he lives and works in Berlin.


Annette Köhn: Publisher of the fine works of the Jaja publishing house, comes from the comic city of Erlangen where she studied visual communication. After studying in Weißensee stayed in Berlin.