Contest 2020: Resistance

Send us your comics! This year we would like to see and read your ideas on the topic of “resistance”. Berliners of all ages may apply.

Illustration by Federico Cacciapaglia
Illustration by Federico Cacciapaglia

Are you a rather scientific person, interested in the physical aspects of resistance? Could you perhaps visualize these aspects for people who (still) can’t figure it out? Or are you more into the idea of resistance to antibiotics, or of purely psychological resistance? What are you “allergic” to and why?

Might resistance be a political or social topic for you? Who are your protagonists and how do they interact with each other when it comes to our chosen theme? We’re very excited to receive your wild ideas and well-crafted comics. So get out your pencils—we’re expecting your submissions until March 13!

Selected comics will be shown during the main festival on May 16 and 17, 2020 at the Museum for Communication, as well as published in a book.
Prizes include comic packages, workshops, and as the main prize for adults, a mentorship for starting a major comic project and eventually applying for the Berlin Comic Grant.

Berliners of all ages may apply.

Age Groups:

  1. Gruppe: up to 13 years
  2. Gruppe: from 14 to 17
  3. Gruppe: 18 and up


  • square, 21 x 21 cm
  • 1-2 pages
  • black & white
  • 300 DPI (print resolution)
  • all common picture formats, max. 15 MB


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