Shoxxxboxxx Live Dream #01: Neoangin live

Neoangin is happy that he is the first to try out the new wonder box “SHOXXXBOXXX LIVE DREAM” with his online show. The SHOXXXBOXXX makers Shou aka SHOXXX and Johannes Marx are musicians themselves (Shou plays withuppe mucke, Johannes with Pitchtuner, MARX, coal) and they know how important it is for most musicians to be able to give a show from time to time, that really feels like one.

It is planned that in SHOXXXBOXXX LIVE DREAM there will be live shows every two weeks – it is quite possible that the two of them will be part of the party as surprise guests from time to time. Neoangin is really looking forward to this evening and promises to bring brand new sets and masks to the scene. Take a look people!

On which channel we live stream we will still find out. – you will definitely be the first to know …

Thursday, 05/28 9:00 pm