Marta Punxo, El Rughi, Roberta (Joe1) Muci and Tommy Gun Moretti in conversation

Interview featuring four of Italy’s most talented comic artists with a lot of experience in the underground scene: El Rughi, TommyGun, Joe1 and Marta Punxo.

In this discussion, we’ll explore the challenges and struggles faced by the underground comic scene in Italy, and delve into why this alternative to mass publishing is so compelling to these artists. 

Expect to be inspired by their unconventional narratives and unique artistic styles, as we showcase examples of their boundary-pushing works.

Throughout the interview, we’ll uncover the philosophies and ideologies that underpin the artists’ work. 

Host: Federico Cacciapaglia.

Event in English!

May 6, 2023, 14 Uhr

Museum for Communication Berlin
Main Stage

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