Climate Comics Panel

This much is clear: if we want to slow the impending climate catastrophe, everyone has to roll up their sleeves. But how do you get “everyone” to become active and recognize the extent of the problem? Can our comics maybe contribute to awareness and agitation?

We’ve invited four comic artists and authors who in one way or another address topics related to our changing ecosystems in their books and stories. We aim to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of comics as a medium of communicating political content.

A casual conversation about climate, capitalism, change and xenophobia.

Stephanie McMillan writes, draws, and makes art in various media to encourage global working class-led revolution to emancipate humanity from colonialism-capitalism-imperialism, to make possible a thriving planet. 

Madeleine Jubilee Saito (Sigh-Toe) is an artist and designer from northern Illinois living in the Pacific Northwestern United States. She makes experimental, contemplative poetry comics about the material world and the sacred.

Hanna Poddig was born in 1985 in Hamburg. She is often described as a “full-time activist”. Not least because of the inflationary use of the term “activist”, she prefers to see herself as an anarchist who is irreconcilable with the system. She was active for several years with Robin Wood and is also involved in today’s climate movements. Besides fighting for the climate, she has also been committed to the anti-nuclear movement for 15 years and is also active in the area of antimilitarism. She is the author of the illustrated book “Kleine Geschichte der Umweltbewegung (Short history of the environmental movement)” published by UNRAST.    

Leise Hook is an Asian American cartoonist and illustrator. Her work has appeared in The Believer and The New Yorker, and has been shortlisted for the National Magazine Awards and Cartoonist Studio Prize. She is currently working on a graphic memoir about biracial identity, cultural history, and language.

Language: Englisch

Thursday, 09/02 8:00 pm