Presentation of the 2023 Berlin Comic Fellows

The Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe has awarded seventeen grants to Berlin comic artists for 2023: Marlene Krause, Xueh Magrini Troll, Maria Castello Solbes, Christine Fetz, Sophia-Louise Hirsch, Patricia Thoma, Aike Arndt, Salam Alhassan, Ella Cohen, Christine Fahrenbruch (aka Rahel Süßkind), Jens Harder (Jens Harder and Vincent Burmeister), Clayton Junior, Parastu Karimi (aka Patu), Rinah Lang, Judy Moore, Henna-Marie Räsänen, Mikael Ross and Sheree Domingo Betz (for the residency in Paris). The Museum for Communication Berlin and the German Comics Association will present the projects with which the winners applied for the scholarship in an exhibition. The exhibition runs from May 6 to September 3, 2023.

The presentation of the grant recipients and their projects will be moderated by Dietrich Wolf Fenner. Opening words from Dietrich Wolf Fenner, Head of Public Relations at the Museum for Communication Berlin; Lilian Engelmann, Head of Department for Literature and Visual Arts at the Senate Department for Culture and Europe; and Axel Halling, Chairman of the Board of the German Comics Association.

This will be followed by an exhibition opening with works by the grant recipients.

The event is supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

May 6, 2023

Museum for Communication Berlin
Main Stage

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