Love Bot

“Love Bot” has been dubbed by critics as the first porn comic drawn by an artificial intelligence.

The agile booklet full of useful tips has shocked numerous artists thanks to its resolute line and impulsive gestures. The first edition of the book, containing an excerpt of the first chapter, was published by the Italian magazine Čapek, with a foreword by Dr. Crotti (one of the creators of NOBOT) and a critical afterword by sexologist and psychotherapist Dr. Fiumara. The work is the result of the meeting of NOBOT’s neural networks with an extensive database of porn comics: the result is a work of deformed synthesis and a cold look at human sexuality.

The NOBOT author was assisted in examining the images by categorizing the inputs: the artificial intelligence was able to recognize the most important morphologies, taking the liberty of confusing some of them.
The studies of the engineer Crotti and Dr. Fiumara reveal that the machine is more inclined towards visual impulses of an erotic and pornographic nature: instead of faces, NOBOT prefers legs, ass and nipples. Hence the idea of ​​​​collecting them in a single volume for fans of the genre.

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Exhibition: May 11 – May 16
Comic-Party: May 14, 20:00