„Das Grauen der Kleinstadt“ by Jan Blum

“Das Grauen der Kleinstadt” (The Horror of Small Town) is a tragic novel that explores growing-up rituals of masculinity and the latent misogyny of the village youth.

It is a full moon night when a vampire happens upon a group of teenagers who think he is the cousin of a friend. One night, in which they drift together through the darkness, between alcohol and drugs, talking about their fears and worries. And hovering over it over all is the suicide of their friend Frank, who still hides a bitter secret. In the course of the night, garden gnomes are kidnapped, a life is destroyed and the vampire drinks blood.

Jan Blum presents his comic and also reads excerpts from it. Moritz Hürtgen (editor-in-chief of Titanic) also sits with him as a discussion partner. Afterwards you can chat, toast and sign.

Pre-registration required at: info-stadtbibliothek@ba-fk.berlin.de

May 7, 7 to midnight
Admission 6:30, Reading 7 pm

Frankfurter Allee 14 A, 10247 Berlin

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