Illustration by Federico Cacciapaglia

Urban Fairy Tales

The ComicInvasionBerlin Comic Contest

The Hauptstadt is full of magic and fairy tales – now it’s your turn to show us! Fairy tales tell us stories of wondrous events and can be found in every culture on the planet. They take place in forests, mills or small villages – but we haven’t found any for Berlin yet. Do you know of fairy-tale places or have you experienced something marvelous? What creatures or secrets are hiding behind, under or between the city’s walls? 

Draw us 1 or 2 pages of urban fairy tale comics in a square 21 x 21 cm format. And with a little luck, you might win legendary treasure as the main prize!

ComicInvasionBerlin, Berlin’s largest comics festival, is hosting its own comics competition again in 2022. The winning comics will be presented and recognized as part of a special awards ceremony. These and other comics will also be exhibited digitally on our website and published in a book.

Prizes include comic packages, workshops, and as the main prize for adults, a mentorship with a professional comics creator centered on starting a larger comics project and (optionally) applying for the Berlin Comics Grant with it.

Berliners of all ages can participate.

Age groups:

  1. 13 years and under
  2. 14 to 17 years of age
  3. 18 years of age and up


  • Rectangular, 21 x 21 cm
  • 1-2 pages
  • Black and white
  • 300 DPI or higher
  • Any commonly used image file type max. 15 MB

The contest is closed.


13 years and under:
Luisa Bomba, Pan Börner, Eloisa Schumacher, Laila und Leona Fowler, Willi Hauschild, Leo Bentz, Saisha Chadha, Jonas Kirchhoff, Charlotte Filter, Mila Albrecht und Leonie Aylen Lugner, Salma Elazaly, Yuma Nguyen

14 to 17 years:
Egemen Sisman, Fatima Aoun, Lotte Nosbers, Nenneh Aliyah Allie, Evgenia Kister, Samuel Soares, Vivian Graffunder, Frederick Schmitz, Moritz Hauer, Lieselotte Graham

18 years of age and up:
Jerrit Osdowski, Cristina Valero García, Matthis Ehrhardt, Peter Guckes, Smirk, Lisa Sinram, Mirja Engelhardt, Melina Sabalioti, Bruno Giannori, Bengt Xylander

The winners were announced on May 15th at 12pm on the ComicInvasion stage:


13 years and under:

  • 3rd place:
    Willi Hauschild
  • 2nd place:
    Jonas Kirchhoff
  • 1st place:
    Yuma Nguyen

14 to 17 years:

  • 3rd place:
    Samuel Soares
  • 2nd place:
    Frederick Schmitz
  • 1st place:
    Lieselotte Graham

18 years and up:

  • 3rd place:
    Lisa Sinram
  • 2nd place:
    Bruno Giannori
  • 1st place:
    Bengt Xylander

1. Place (18 years and up): Bengt Xylander

1. Place (14 to 17 years): Lieselotte Graham

1. Place (13 years and under): Yuma Nguyen

Congratulations to all winners!

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