Money Matters


My name is Julia Schneider aka Doc J Snyder. I am a comic essayist and a doctor of economics. My best known work to date is the comic essay on artificial intelligence “We Need to Talk, AI” with Lena Kadriye Ziyal (available in English, German, Turkish, Spanish & Slovenian, and as open online course).

Bridging the gap between intellect and intuition, I try to convey complex topics through a few graphics and pointed texts. For the content of my works, I tap into my own interests and the knowledge I have gained from my work in academic economics and data science. (And somewhere or another, my expertise as a professional curtain and draperies salesperson – yes! – might factor in…). Reach out if you like to approach complex issues with creativity, curiosity, and respect – and if you’re bored with clichés. I really enjoy such company:

Right now I am interested in:

  • The Corona Scribbles, an ongoing comic column about life in times of Corona, launched in April ’20 on 1E9 magazine (in German);
  • The comic book project Money Matters – A Comic Essay about Money with Pauline Cremer and Miriam Beblo (release – in German – in summer ’21);
  • and the comic book project Paradise Now! A Comic Essay about Climate Crisis and Sustainability with Pauline Cremer (release in ’22/’23).