Illu: Federico Cacciapaglia


ComicInvasionBerlin 2023
am May 6/7 2023 (11am – 7pm)
at Museum für Kommunikation Berlin


  • Our focus: COMICS, COMICS COMICS <3
  • We invite both Berliners and folks and projects outside of Berlin to take part. Basically, everyone is welcome!
  • Half a table is also possible. Only publishers, large artist collectives and comic shops can book 2 tables, in limited quantity and on the Gallery. Individual tables are located in the Lichthof.
  • NO EATING OR DRINKING inside the museum. It’s a hard rule. There is a cafe, and a nice outdoor area where you can grab refreshments.
  • Masks will likely be mandatory at the festival
  • Smut: From 18

The festival is for the whole family and the museum is very careful not to make content with sex and violence available to children. If your comics have such content, you’ll need to label them “+18+” and only let adults look at them. Also, if your cover already shows sex and violence, you have to cover the cover – otherwise the museum will Really Not Be Happy ;-(

Practically, this means we are not allowed to show any 18+ stuff, including prints and zine covers, but this can be sold discreetly at the festival 😀 


As a comics festival, we also get a lot of applications from illustrators and designers who are somewhat active in the comics genre but don’t have any comic books or stories to sell. We’d like to remind applicants that we thoroughly check what you intend to sell at your table and will not accept applications that include selling “just” postcards or woolen hats knitted from comics pages.

Options / Prices

  • 60€ per table for both days (Table size: 1,2 x 0,6 m)
    One table comes with 1-2 chairs, only 2 people at a time
  • It’s possible to book a table for 1 or 2 days for 30€/day, however we strongly favor exhibitors who are available for the whole weekend. In case there are more applications than spots, those who applied for the whole weekend will have priority!
  • OPTIONAL PARTITION: We’re not allowed to hang anything on the columns or to attach strings, etc. anywhere in the museum. For this reason, we’re giving you the option of booking a cardboard partition that will stand behind your table. This can be used to put up posters, a sign or large prints. 20€ per partition for both days

Save the Dates:

  • Table Application Deadline: March 6, 2023
  • Notifications and invoices sent out by March 20, 2023
  • Payment: by April 3, 2023

Please read the CIB festival MANIFESTO before you apply!
Please note that we also follow the Berlin Code of Conduct.

Send an email to Henna and Caro