Hope Punk Illu by Mayha Suaysom
Illu by da Hinci

Hope Punk!
A Comic Hunt through Berlin

The Story

Berlin, 20XX. The heavily gentrified city, now largely underwater, struggles with a wave of pirating investors. As the water levels rise, the inhabitants are forced to look for new ways to survive within the cityscape…

Illu by Mayha Suaysom
Illu by Mayha Suaysom

Hope Punk! is a collectively scripted and individually drawn wild comic adventure into the underworld. The story dives into the core questions of Berlin’s changing landscapes with the full passion only plants and punks know.

How will our heroes save their building from the clutches of the Landlord Industries? What lies within the abandoned U-Bahn network? Was that a talking Club Mate bottle??

Follow the pages, if you dare.


Ale Rodriguez, Clayton Junior, da HinciHenna Räsänen, Kerstin Gürke, Maria Victoria Rodriguez, Mayha Suaysom, Melina Sabalioti, Nadine Scherer, Pauline Cremer, Vacon Sartirani, Victoria Krisai, Vivianna Maria Stanislavska, Smirk, Sofia Ciente

The Exhibition & Treasure Hunt

How to read the comic?

As our heroes embark on their journey, so must the readers – you 😉 To join the Hunt, you’ll need a smartphone or a very good map and skills for reading geolocation codes – because that’s all you’ll get, in order to find the pages!

  • When: 27/8-5/9
  • Start aka Location Zer0: Black Dog Comics and Supalife Kiosk. Follow the clues to the next venue!
  • Opening times: 24/7 + Supalife during shop opening times
  • Needed: bike / public transportation ticket 

In practice:

Hope Punk Illu by Ale Rodriguez
Illu by Ale Rodriguez

A few days before the exhibition starts we will reveal LOCATION ZER0. There you will find the first page of the comic exhibited in the front window or outside one of our secret partner locations, so that the comic is viewable outdoors, corona-safe. This page contains the GEOLOCATION for the next page. The page after that contains information for the next one, and so on.

Hot tip:
You might want to get a bike or public transportation ticket for this 😉

ACHTUNG!! FREE ZINE!! TAKE PICTURES ALONG THE WAY – because whoever completes the whole Hope Punk! Route is gifted the comic, with all cover variants, character design and other extras printed with risograph! Zines will be available at the Festival’s Main Event (Museum for Communication, 4+5/9), just bring your photos & you’ll get it – or you can send them to us via email at cibhelpers@gmail.com.

Please write cibhelpers@gmail.com for accessibility information.

Curated by Henna Räsänen