This year’s CIB international focus is ITALY!

We have invited Italian artists to represent the broad spectrum of the Italian comic landscape – with different events as part of the Satellite week and at the main festival.


During the Satellite week
at various locations in Berlin
OUCH! Exhibition by Tommy Gun Moretti
AISU Studio
Exhibition Teppiste Femministe
Keller Kreuzberg
KiezVision eV
Exhibition “Chamber of Wonders” by Sergio Ponchione
Bibliothek am Luisenbad
Exhibition „NUVOLETTE“ by El Rughi
Vétomat – Siebdruckcafé
Italy Window
Jaja Verlag

All satellite week events

Main festival kickoff party
Friday, May 5 at VETOMAT

At the main festival
at the Museum for Communication Berlin
Marta Punxo, El Rughi, Roberta (Joe1) Muci and Tommy Gun Moretti in conversation
Main Stage
Readings with Alice Socal, Spugna and Pablo Cammello
Main Stage
Interview with Sergio Ponchione
Main Stage
Stop motion workshop with Marco Falatti and Rebecca Barbuscia
Workshop Room


Sergio Ponchione

Sergio Ponchione is an Italian comic artist and illustrator who graduated from the Art Institute of his town in 1994. After contributing illustrations to local publications, Ponchione began publishing his diverse works in the literary magazine Maltese Narrazioni. Ponchione’s big break in his career came when he started working for Sergio Bonelli Editore on the “Zona X” series, inking pages for his friend and mentor Gino Vercelli. He later created his own comics, such as “L’Obliquomo” and “Grotesque” for Coconino Press and the magazine The Artist. “Grotesque” earned Ponchione the prestigious Gran Guinigi award at the Lucca Comics & Games festival in 2009. His work has been published in France, Spain, Latin America, and the United States by Fantagraphics Books.

He is also an art teacher at the Scuola di Fumetto in Asti, Italy. In 2021, Ponchione illustrated “Gli uomini della settimana,” a comic book written by Alessandro Bilotta and published by Panini Comics. Ponchione’s unique style and passion for traditional American comics have made him a valuable contributor to the Italian comic scene for over two decades.

Tommy Gun Moretti

TommyGun is one of the most interesting artists in the contemporary scene, thanks to his stylistic sensitivity and ability to create suggestive and unsettling images. He is a member of the Ratatà association and the art collective Uomini nudi che corrono(Naked Men Running), with whom he created That Tiny Giganteschio, a periodic comic magazine featuring authors from all over the world.

Among his most successful works are “Stories of Orderly Entropy”, “How to Hit the Guy with Glasses”, and “lePaginette”, the latter with texts by Marco Taddei. In 2020, he published “Sostanza Densa, the 8th seal of Progetto Stigma”, published by Eris Edizioni and was awarded the Comicon 2020 Nuove Strade Special Prize by Napoli Comicon and Centro Fumetto Andrea Pazienza.

He has collaborated with and published with Čapek Magazine, Lamette Comics, Tinals, Linus, Dat Future Edizioni, il Tascabile, Jacobin Italia, Prismo Mag and various independent publishers.

Alice Socal

Alice Socal is an Italian comic artist and illustrator.

She was born in 1986 in Mestre-Venice. After her first studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, she moved to Germany, where she graduated in illustration and comics at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

She has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Italy and Germany and offered workshops in both countries. She currently lives with her family in Berlin, where she works as a freelance illustrator and comic artist.

Roberta (Joe1) Muci

Roberta Muci, better known as Joe1, was born in the province of Lecce in 1993 and migrated to Bologna in 2012. She earned a degree in Comic and Illustration from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Since 2013, Joe1 has participated in various independent festivals throughout Italy with her self-produced works. In 2016, she became a member of the Olé – Oltre l’Editoria collective and played a crucial role in organizing the first three editions of the Olé festival. 

Joe1’s works have been published by Diabolo Edizioni in 2018 in the anthology Materia Degenere. She has also contributed to the Feltrinelli Comics anthology Sporchi e subito in 2020, curated by Fumettibrutti. Most recently, Joe1 has collaborated with Fumettibrutti on CenerentolA, published by Feltrinelli Comics in 2021.

With a distinctive style that combines a punky attitude with skillful graphics, Joe1’s works explore contemporary Italian society issues such as gender, sexuality, and political issues. 


Spugna is a founding member and Art Director of the self-produced magazine Lucha Libre, a member of the InFame studio trio, and has collaborated with various independent publishers in Italy. In 2014, he won the Boscarato Award at the Treviso Comic Book Festival for his debut graphic novel “Una brutta storia,” published by GRRRZ Comic Art Books.

He followed this success up with “The Rust Kingdom,” his second graphic novel, which won the Nuove Strade prize at the Attilio Micheluzzi Awards and was selected for the Gran Guinigi at Lucca Comics and Games 2018. In 2019, Spugna was chosen by Panini Comics to create an exclusive variant cover for the Italian edition of the Marvel event “Absolute Carnage.”

Spugna’s success continued with his latest work, “Fingerless,” published by Hollow Press. He won his second Boscarato Award in 2021, this time in the “best artist” category.

In February 2022, Spugna exhibited his original artwork at the Cart Gallery in Rome and published a short story for the Italian comic series, “Dylan Dog.” His latest work, “La Quarta guerra mondiale,” written by Marco Taddei, was released in October 2021 by LaFeltrinelli.

El Rughi

El Rughi is an Italian multi-talented artist who has made a significant impact in the world of art, comics and street art. His works not only highlight important social issues, but also depict the struggles, triumphs and complexities of daily life.

With his humorous and colorful style, he manages to convey important social issues and messages in a captivating way.

El Rughi is a founding member of the Cani e Porci collective. His work is celebrated not only in Italy, but also internationally. Whether on the street or in galleries, his captivating designs inspire and engage audiences all backgrounds.

Pablo Cammello

Born in Lecco in 1989, this multi-talented artist attended the Scuola del Fumetto in Milan and is now a founding member of the Infame Studio.

 In 2011, he made his debut in the world of comics and self-publishing with “Metastasi,” which he presented at the esteemed Lucca Comics & Games festival.

The following year, he won the “Need Break” contest held by, which resulted in his appointment as the official illustrator/graphic designer for the record labels Analytic Trail Record and MKT. His work has been published in a variety of magazines, including “Bizzaro Magazine,” “Il Male,””Lucha Libre,” “Motosega,” and “C.a.c.c.a.” His oeuvre constantly pushes boundaries and blurs the lines between traditional illustrations and avant-garde mixed media projects.

His work is a testament to the power of artistic self-expression and serves as an inspiration to many who wish to follow in his innovative footsteps.

Marta Punxo

Marta Agoni, also known as punxo, is a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from a little-known city in the northern valleys, she found her way to Bologna where she began her studies in Comic and Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts. However, it’s not just the classroom that shaped her artistic vision, as she soaked up the vibrancy and diversity of the city.

It wasn’t long before Marta found herself at 24, a former market turned cultural hub filled with amazing individuals each with their own unique voice. Here she found a sense of belonging and inspiration that fueled her exploration of the world around her. Through her potent use of bold blacks and whites in her art, Marta fearlessly tackles political and social issues head on, unapologetic in her quest for justice.

Marta’s work is not just about capturing what’s on the surface but about delving deeper into the underbelly of society, shedding light on what’s often overlooked.

Marco Falatti and Rebecca Barbuscia von Mammafotogramma

Since 2008, Mammafotogramma has been pushing the boundaries in search of new cross-media solutions that mix and rework traditional languages of video, animation, illustration, design, and the latest technologies to invent rare, surprising, and innovative productions. With a mastery of the medium of animation, they specialize in producing video content using stop-motion, traditional animation, and live-action techniques. They also excel in designing and implementing cutting-edge installations, creating interactive designs for events and exhibition spaces, and providing a unique visual perspective. Mammafotogramma is renowned for their commitment to producing truly exceptional work that pushes the creative boundaries and leaves a lasting impression on all who experience it.

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