Argentina is the country focus of CIB20.
We had planned an exhibition and other things for the festival in the museum, some of which are now taking place here.


Flora Márquez

Gezeichnetes Selbstporträt von María Luque

María Luque

Caro Chinaski

Caro Chinaski



El Waibe

Jazmín Varela

Jazmín Varela

Nacha Selbstportrait

Nacha Vollenweider

Gezeichnetes Portrait, runder Kopf, kurze Haare, lächelender Mund

Victoria Rodríguez


You can download the exhibition as a Powerpoint file here (72 MB).

Make a wish for your favorite motif and have it drawn for you during our transatlantic live drawing with two argentine artists.

  • Saturday, 11/28 with Jazmín Varela
  • Sunday, 11/29 with Nacha Vollenweider


Our stream events with Argentinian artists:

In our treasure hunt you could find comics by the Argentine artists Powerpaola, Nacha Vollenweider, Victoria Rodríguez and Jazmín Varela.

Perhaps you will discover a few of these free booklets in Berlin.


„Virus Tropical“ by Powerpaola

Trailer for the film based on Powerpaola’s autobiographical graphic novel.

You can watch the trailer for the comic “Vasto Mundo” by Flora Márquez on Facebook.

Vasto Mundo

Strapazin #138 presents 14 Argentinian artists who are part of the contemporary comic scene.


Our podcast episode to the argentinian focus.

Argentinien-Comics bei Renate

We bought some Argentinean comics for the festival, which you can now find and buy from Renate or Neurotitan.

Please note the opening times and hygiene rules.

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