Exhibitor CIB20

Welcome to the table of JAZAM!, the big indie comics anthology!

Since 2006, we have been publishing a thick collection of short stories by German-speaking comic artists about once a year. Some of our most recent publications are an award-winning volume titled “Spiel” (2017), our child-friendly “Schreckgeschichten” (2018) and a book collecting the wacky short comics by manga star David Füleki: “The Best (and Worst) of David Füleki” (2019). Füleki also drew a page for the cool “2021, Fuck Yeah!” calendar, which we also have on offer.

Also at our table: various comics by JAZAM! editor Adrian vom Baur. In addition to his quirky genre mix “Hipsters”, we have the horror comic collection “Monsterparty”, and the brand new “Die Toten: Isar Palace”, a visually ambitious zombie thriller set in post-apocalyptic Munich.

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Signed copies can be ordered by email at avbaur@gmail.com.