Henna Räsänen

Henna Räsänen

Exhibitor CIB20

Henna Räsänen is a Berlin-based queer and non binary comic artist, a metalhead and a punk.

Their work focuses on portraying contemporary queer and punk life through off-beat humour, and cooking up depressingly apocalyptic environmental psycho-horror comics bubbling up from *demon voice* the depths of late capitalism *guitar solo*.

They are currently working on the second part of “WELTUNTERGANG – a post-apocalyptic queer adventure”. They also teach workshops that aim to discuss norms and empower and energize through drawing comics. Workshops are currently held online, in German, English or Finnish.

Most of their comics are in English. Not everything is in the online shop, DM in Instagram or email illustration.henna@gmail.com for special CIB20 prices and to catch an item that’s on this page or on my insta!

You can read zines made in my workshops at Issuu: https://issuu.com/hennarasanen