Exhibitor CIB20

Clairikine is a dual French-US cartoonist currently celebrating her 10th anniversary of moving to the Hauptstadt by not going to any of the karaoke nights or Fußball games they’d planned. She makes autobio and fictional comics and illustrations about feelings, liminal spaces and being at home everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Self-published comics and zines include Master of Survival, an autobio webcomic about her first nine months in Berlin as a grad student; For The Ones That We Love, a Some Other Place collection of short stories set in a fictional universe; and The Person You’ve Never Met, a series of illustrations about wanting to see someone again and getting to know oneself.

Clairikine has also contributed short stories to zines by the Franco-German comics collective BETON and the Feministisches Comics Netzwerk.

She is the director’s assistant at ComicInvasion, co-organizes Berlin’s international comics meetup Panel Up, and can occasionally be found sketchnoting at tech conferences and other events.