Trees listen to me, the water tells me the stories heard from the birds that sat around the woods. It goes around, evolving, changing, growing.

Hello there, lovely to meet you! I am an illustrator, colour-sorcerer, media artist and a being thriving to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

Whatever I create, I am always giving it a good story. Even a mundane, every day thing can be turned into something hysterically funny, absurd, and we need the laugh more than ever now. I create by picking up moments as I go on with my daily shenanigans, give them life to be comic pages, short wee stories, pictures, and sometimes they reborn as watercolour paints. 

I believe arts are for everyone. We all have voices to make, dreams to realise, places we come home to and relax – creating something ourselves is a great medium for that. I use my crafts with care and much imagination that makes a ripple spreading and joining with others, becoming a wave, a part of the water – “one drop in all of this ocean”.