Making visual comics screen-readable with transcripts

Workshop for comic artists who want to collaborate on creating text-only versions of their online comics to make them more accessible.

“Screen-readable comics” are text-only versions added accessibly to comics for people who surf the web with screen-readers via braille line or audio output. This workshop especially invites artists of comics communicating activism from and for marginalized communities. As a queer and non-binary trans comic artist, communication is very close to my heart.

This online workshop is planned for up to 9 participants. It will last for 2-3 hours. Participants must have a published (short) online comic they want to transcribe. Participants will prepare a first attempt at transcription before the workshop as a basis for collaboration (2-3 panels). The workshop language is English and comics can be in English or German.

The workshop will focus on aspects of transcribing the text and visuals of a comic as well as on the technical requirements for a screen-readable website. It will include work in small groups working on the comic transcripts, and input on the basics of transcription and technical website aspects.

  • Binding signups via:
  • When signing up, please send in a link to the comic you want to transcribe!

Workshop made by Illi Anna Heger
Transcription examples on the website

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CIB21 Satelliten

Language: mainly English, German possible in part

Friday, 09/03 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm