OUCH! by TommyGun

OUCH! is an intense and engaging visual experience, characterized by a strong and unmistakable style that conveys a sense of danger and violence. Powerful sounds and explosions from silent pages, bodies upon bodies, extreme expressions of even more extreme emotions.

Deflagrations, disintegrating faces, guts shot onto a windshield, entropy, chaos, and absence of gravity are some of the themes that emerge from TommyGun’s works, but each image is characterized by a strong personality and meticulous attention to detail.

It’s a world on the edge of decadence, where deformation and transformation are the norm and normality is abandoned in favor of a vision in which reality and fantasy blend in unpredictable and engaging ways.

Vernissage on May 4 at 18:30

AISU Studio
Manteuffelstraße 73
10999 Berlin

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