Sep 04

Même Pas Mal Verlag

Même Pas Mal sprouted like weeds from the soil of the grimy, shimmering city of Marseille. Throughout the world, they’ve sown comics altogether wild, beautiful and sour, resistant to the most potent sanitary treatments. Free and tenacious, Même Pas Mal are here to stay.

Même Pas Mal have dedicated themselves to illustrative counterculture, with titles such as David Snug’s Je n’ai pas de projet professionnel, and also publish international translated works, for instance by Eva Müller, Alison Bechdel and Ward Zwart. They are independent par excellence – free, stubborn and always pushing forward.

Unser Länderschwerpunkt Frankreich wird unterstützt vom Deutsch-Französischen Bürgerfonds.

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CIB21 Stream 2 (Sa)

Saturday, 09/04 2:30 pm