Lockdown Zines / 30 Years of Renate Bibliothek

Have you perhaps also inexplicably aged over the last year and half, which really feels more like seven and a half? We’ve gotten older in any case: this year, Renate Library got to turn 30!

While we’d actually planned to have an anniversary issue ready on time, other things managed to happene, including plagues, irregular opening hours and one near-bankruptcy. Fortunately, your incredibly generous donations have saved us and enabled us to survive this difficult year. Countless thanks once more to everyone who donated! 

We must unfortunately ask you to wait until next year for the anniversary issue, but nevertheless we want to attempt a small reunion on August 28 with a backyard birthday party and a comic zine market.

From 5pm to 10pm we invite you to share a hygienic outdoor birthday toast with us (more specific regulations will be communicated shortly beforehand). We will also be presenting the lockdown zines made by Berliner comic artists. Because of course, in our forced isolation we did what comic artists do best: process our despair through comics. 

If therefore you’d like to read about what we’ve experienced in these pandemic years, or if you’d just like to say hello to your Renate people with a heartfelt elbow bump: join us!

There will be music, drinks, snacks and of course COMICS

Language: German and English

Saturday, 08/28 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Renate Comicbibliothek
Tucholskystraße 30