Irgendwas mit Medien. Du störst!

Live reading and conversation with Burcu Türker, comic artist, and Katharina Siemann of Hannsjana, moderated by Andreas Scherffig & Marcel Flach, Museum for Communication Berlin.

“Du störst” was created as part of the Zoom and audio-walk performance “Störgeräusche” by the women artists’ collective Hannsjana, which was presented several times at the Museum for Communication Berlin in early 2021. During the performance Hannsjana dove into the history of the building, mixing facts with brazen fiction and, through Stör the fish, explaining the feminist and media potential that lies in the irritation – “Störung” – of norms. Comic artist Burcu Türker interprets this collective radio play in her own unique, humorous, “störing” way.

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CIB21 Stream 1 (Sa)

Saturday, 09/04 11:00 am