Illumat – a portrait drawing-dispenser by Mayha Suaysom

You are a fan of “retro-photobooths” and want to try something different? Then come by the “Illumat”! There you will get an illustrated portrait of Mayha Suaysom.

Illumat (Illustration dispenser) works like a photobooth, but you have to stay still and wait for 3 to 5 minutes. At the end you will receive your portrait. (This also means that if you only stay briefly or move all the time, your portrait could be blurred or out of frame.) 

The Illumat is analog, no VISA, no Paypal, no WeChat, no Revolut.   

Bring cash, but “Pay as you want”!

May 6/7, 2023
12 – 18:00

Museum für Kommunikation Berlin

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