HYPERDEFORMED – Exhibition by Spugna and Pablo Cammello

HYPERDEFORMED performs the works of Spugna and Pablo Cammello. This exhibit showcases two distinct perspectives that share a common intention: to disturb reality and draw a fine line between the humorous and the grotesque.

Spugna’s nightmares, carved into flesh, and Cammello’s visions, with their sharp edges and distortions, offer a thought-provoking and unsettling experience for visitors. Through their art, the artists create a deforming mirror that reflects the viewer’s own perceptions and challenges their understanding of reality.

We invite you to explore the intricate and captivating works on display and immerse yourself in the hyperdeformed world of Spugna and Pablo Cammello.

The exhibition is also complemented by works by Alice Socal and Sergio Ponchione.

Vernissage on May 4 at 20:30

KiezVision eV (Hausprojekt)
Reichenbergerstr. 114
10999 Berlin

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