ImageSoundReading by Ferdinand Lutz and Dominik Merscheid

What fun to have an alien as a friend. Lara and Q-R-T can fly everywhere in the blink of an eye in the alien’s spaceship, control the minds of adults and spend the night camping in a hypermodern tent that is much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Yes, space technology! Really, what fun! Except… Yes, except if the space technology that makes all this work suddenly breaks down at some point. Then Q-R-T gets into serious trouble. And gets into a real adventure!

Ferdinand Lutz and Dominik Merscheid bring Ferdinand’s children’s comic series “Q-R-T” to life – with crazy voices and sounds, with music and little animations. What normally only happens in your head when reading a comic happens on stage in their ImageSoundReading! Afterwards, Ferdinand will demonstrate how he draws the characters, and Dominik how he creates music and sounds.

May 7, 2023

Museum for Communication Berlin
Main Stage

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