Comic artists on the street

To make their latest comics, illustrators Sebastian Lörscher and Anne Zimmermann did not stay in their studio.

In “Straßenfunde” (Street Findings) Zimmermann offers an insight into street social work by accompanying Gangway e. V. staff on their missions on the streets of Berlin. What does this work entail? From consultation hours, excursions and car trips, visits to the authorities with young people or accompaniment in detention and to court, to funerals – how do you manage to build up closeness and trust, but at the same time maintain emotional distance? With the help of anecdotes, the book conveys the basics and working methods of street work.

For his graphic novel “Schatten der Gesellschaft” (“Shadows of Society”), Sebastian Lörscher took his sketchbook to places where homeless people sought refuge from the cold of the Berlin winter. He sat with them, drew them and listened to them. In his book, 15 people tell their very personal, touching and surprising stories of life on the streets of Berlin.

The discussion will be moderated by the journalist Augusto Paim.

May 7, 2023

Museum for Communication Berlin
Main Stage

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