Free as a bird, parrot! Drawing with OUSA for Kids

Together we open the treasure chest of diversity on the high seas. We will dive with you into the world of pirates. What does a pirate look like? How free and colorful is their crew?

In this workshop we will reveal many secrets about pirates and help you to draw your own pirate universe. 

We offer the following languages in the workshop: EN/ENG/PT/SP/TR/TH

About us: OUSA.collective motivates people to artistically reflect on socially relevant topics with the means of illustration. We see ourselves as an experimental lab that develops creative workshop formats as well as art and cultural projects. Our goal is to promote multicultural dialogue and at the same time create more visibility for BIPoC, (post-)migrant and marginalized perspectives in Germany.

Event Timeslots (1)

Workshop Room (Sun)

May 15

Museum für Kommunikation Berlin
Workshop Room