Family workshops – for families, big and small comic friends

Station 1: Awakened to life: Fairytale Worlds City

Creepy mythical creatures, delicate fairies, fire-breathing dragons, brave heroes: all these characters spring directly from your imagination and you bring them to life! And also imagine where and how they live in the city: under the ground, in your own skyscraper, well hidden in your children’s room? Or maybe in a museum? Build, glue, wire, paint or cut your own fairy-tale world. Save the environment at the same time and use valuable recycled materials.

Station 2: iPad photo story: Rapunzel on the TV tower

Of course, you already know them from fairy tales: ice princesses, water spirits, Cinderella or wizards. But what happens when Rapunzel suddenly lets her hair down from the TV tower or the big bad wolf hides behind the Brandenburg Gate, or Sleeping Beauty sleeps in front of Charlottenburg Palace? How do they get there? Hey presto….. simply try it out on the iPad!

Station 3: Your own comic book: Once upon a time…..

… that’s how many fairy tales begin. And you can start your own story with it. From this you can create your own comic book. To go faster, a self-made stamp or simply your thumbprint replaces the figure drawing. Place it in individual pictures or in panels – just like in the “big” comics. With a special technique you can fold everything into a beautiful mini booklet. Autograph it – and your first comic is ready.

Station 4: Fairytale treasure hunt in the city: Design a treasure map

It looks old and a bit used. It has probably been hidden for a long time. You are the treasurers and get to think up an exciting (and perhaps a bit complicated) tour through your own fairy-tale comic world. On your treasure map you will draw clues to fairy-tale places in the city and what you have to do there to solve a riddle. Who in your family will figure it out?

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Stagecoach 1st Floor

May 14/15

Museum für Kommunikation Berlin
Postkutsche (first floor)

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