Book launch “Die Comicreportage”

Augusto Paim in conversation with Sebastian Lörscher

In his book “Die Comicreportage” (Ch. A. Bachmann Verlag), journalist and researcher Augusto Paim offers the first broad view on journalistic comics. He treats comics journalism not merely as a genre, but as a field of journalistic activity in which the most diverse forms of journalism can be represented: news, interview, feature, review …

The reportage is advanced as an exemplary application, characterized as it already is by subjectivity, vividness and dramaturgy. A book for artists who want to approach journalism and for journalists seeking new research methods and narrative forms within the sketchbook. For the book presentation, the author enters into conversation with artist Sebastian Lörscher, whose recent work has been particularly concerned with drawn reportage. With a pen and sketchbook, he roams distant countries and records his impressions in drawings, texts and image sequences made on the spot.

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Saturday May 14

Museum für Kommunikation Berlin