Comic reading with Matthias Lehmann & Julia Zejn

From the last years of the war until the 1980s, “Parallel” follows Karl Kling’s efforts to conform to bourgeois norms in order to live his sexuality in secret. Parallel” not only presents a portrait of a life torn between conformity and rebellion, but also draws a panorama of a German society in which homosexuality was outlawed and punishable until 1994. Matthias Lehmann vividly tells of the decades-long longing for a self-determined life and of the price that Karl Kling and the people at his side paid for it. He also tells of the courage to finally open up despite all resistance.

“Andere Umstände” (Other Circumstances) describes the life of Anja, a woman in her late twenties, shortly after graduating from university. It’s the time between her master’s degree and what-is-to-come, the moment when adult life really gets going and everything seems to get more serious. Then she meets the hobby DJ Olli, they get to know each other better and fall in love. At first, Olli brings some variety and excitement into her overly structured life. But Anja’s unplanned pregnancy confronts them both with a decision.

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May 15

Museum für Kommunikation Berlin