Nov 28

Jajatube Video Premiere

With Federico Cacciapaglia and Jaja publisher Annette Köhn

This summer, when the digital Comicsalon Erlangen happened, the Jaja publishing house started its own YouTube channel with JAJATUBE. The videos (eight so far) feature publisher Annette Köhn chatting with her authors, who are shown as comic book characters, via video chat on Zoom—three of the videos being rather theatrical/documentary in nature. In accordance with the so-called ninth art, the ninth video will now be “broadcast” at the start of the virtual COMICINVASION festival, with Federico Cacciapaglia as an analog guest at the JAJATUBE studio.

Among many other topics, the interview will cover his comics “The Growls”, “Mjam mjam” and “Immigrant Star”, which have already been published by Jaja, as well as his latest work “How To Sail On The Moon”, which is just about to be released. Music is made, other authors call in, important life questions are discussed, Paulina’s balcony plants in Darmstadt are admired and Annette does a handstand 😉

And there’s a raffle, too, for comics and toilet paper—take a chance, and good luck!

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Saturday, 11/28 10:00 am
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