Interstices. Neighborhoods in the Berlin comic “Jein”

Reading and discussion with author Büke Schwarz and Marie Schröer, cultural and literary scholar and comic researcher at the University of Potsdam, hosted by Christina Ernst, Leibniz Center for Literary and Cultural Research.

In her graphic novel “Jein”, Büke Schwarz describes the relationship between art, identity and politics in Berlin during the Turkish constitutional referendum of 2017, from an autofictional perspective. How political can or should art be? Is the question of political art a decision or an attribution? How can one take a stance between image and text in the form of comics? And how do you draw a multilingual comic? After a reading from her comic, the author will discuss the neighborhoods of author and comic book persona, text and image, and the various art forms in comics with Marie Schröer and Christina Ernst.

Sketchnotes zum Event von Malwine:

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Saturday, 11/28 4:00 pm