Michael „mic“ Beyer: „Die Katze des Diktators“

Whenever Papa Dictator, the unscrupulous tyrant, appears on the screen, his black cat Mussolini, is never far behind. He is the despot’s constant companion, faithful companion and fervent admirer. With his disarming cuteness, the clumsy, shaggy Mussolini captures everybody’s heart.

Mic will be reading from this comic, which is set to be published by Jaja Verlag in early 2021, with a bit of dictatorial theater orchestrated throughout. Warning: contains (in)digestible ingredients, only suitable for thick-skinned adults or mature children aged 10 and up.

We are raffling 3 copies of “Weltherrschaft”.

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Stream 1 (Sat)

Saturday, 11/28 2:00 pm