Avant Verlag

Exhibitor CIB20

Since 2001, avant has been publishing comics and graphic novels for lovers of modern art, graphic arts and literature.

More often than the stereotypes will concede, comics engage with the here and now, with the political and social rifts of the world we live in.

Authors such as Birgit Weyhe, Manuele Fior, Simon Schwartz, Gipi, Liv Strömquist, David B., Zerocalcare and Joann Sfar give avant-verlag its distinctive profile.

This new generation of comic authors tells stories that are political but also personal, developing innovative visual languages and demonstrating what comics are today: a constantly evolving medium with a literary quality.

In 2008, publishing house founder Johann Ulrich was honored as an “Aventurier de la culture“ by the French Ministry of Culture, and in 2016 he received the Max and Moritz Special Prize for his services to the maintenance of cultural heritage.