We continue our feature of comic stories in the Berlin subway screen program “Berliner Fenster”. Your story can be autobiographical or fictional, all styles are welcome. Deadline July 31 2023



  • You have to live in Berlin and must be able to issue us an invoice – for selected stories a fee of 200€ is paid
  • Send us your comic story in separate JPG files in 72dpi resolution, in two versions: 800×600 pixels (for the subway) and 1600×1200 pixels (for the CIB website)
  • Send a title screen for the start and a credit screen to place at the end (with info on where to find your comics online)
  • At least 30pt font size – in the subway the stories are read from a distance of up to several meters – no text works fine too
  • Color or black+white, both are good
  • The story can have between 4-8 panels/screens, you should be able to read it comfortably in 40 seconds
  • Super tiny details aren’t recommended, see viewing distance
  • It’s good if the story works as a standalone
  • We prefer stories created for the Berliner Fenster format instead of using existing material
  • We prefer full stories to one-screen-gag cartoons
  • Stories will be broadcast in spring 2024, don’t too much to current events
  • Also mind that the story will be seen by children – no disturbing visual content please (violence, etc.)
  • In your email with the story, please include the full text of your story in a separate doc so that we can add alt-text to the comic on the website. please also include your pronouns and your Instagram username or website link
  • You can send in one or several stories for selection, but only one story will be shown per artist per year 
  • If you have a great idea but can’t send a finished story before the deadline, you can send us a sketch/draft of your story instead

Feel free to check out some previously broadcast stories for inspiration and format.

Send your story (or draft or questions) to cibpresse@gmail.com

Berliner Comic Fenster is supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds and by Berliner Fenster/Mcrud.
Thank you!