CIB wants your comics for the Berliner Fenster, season 4!
Deadline Nov 22 2021

We continue our feature of comic stories in the Berlin subway screen program ‘Berliner Fenster’. Your story can be autobiographical or fictional, all styles are welcome. Keep in mind that your story will be broadcast at some point in 2022, so it might be a good idea not to refer too much to current events.


  • Send us your comic story in separate JPG or PNG files in 72dpi resolution, in two sizes: 800×600 pixels (for the subway) and 1600×1200 pixels (for CIB website)
  • At least 30pt font size – in the subway the stories are read from a distance of up to several meters – no text works fine too
  • Color or black+white, both are good
  • Story can have between 4-8 panels/screens, you should be able to read it comfortably in 40 seconds
  • Super tiny details aren’t recommended, see viewing distance
  • It’s good if the story works as a standalone
  • We prefer it if you create a story for the Berliner Fenster format instead of using existing material
  • We prefer full stories to one-screen-gag cartoons
  • Send a title screen for the start and a credit screen to place at the end (with info on where to find your comics online)
  •  In your email with the story, please include the full text of your story, so we can make it more screen-reader-accessible on our website
  • You can send in one or several stories for selection, but we rarely show more than one story per artist per year
  • If you have a great idea but can’t send a finished story before the deadline, send a sketch/draft of your story
  • For selected stories a fee of 200€ will be paid
  • You must be able to issue us an invoice!
  • Deadline Nov 22 2021

Feel free to check out some previously broadcast stories for inspiration and format.

Send your story (or draft or questions) to

Berliner Comic Fenster is supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds and by Berliner Fenster/Mcrud. Thank you!