Starting today, you can go on our HOPE PUNK comic treasure hunt!

The journey starts at BLACK DOG COMICS in Rodenbergstr. 9 (10439) or at Supalife Kiosk (Raumerstraße 40, 10437), here you will find the first page of the comic exhibited in the front window, viewable outdoors, 100% corona-safe. This page contains the GEOLOCATION for the next page. The page after that contains information for the next one, and so on.

You will need a smartphone that can scan QR codes, also take a bike or public transportation ticket for this.

ACHTUNG! FREE ZINE! TAKE PICTURES ALONG THE WAY – because whoever completes the whole Hope Punk! Route is gifted the comic, with all cover variants, character design and other extras printed with risograph! Zines will be available at the Festival’s Main Event (Museum for Communication, 4+5/9), just bring your photos & you’ll get it – or you can send them to us via email at

Happy hunting!