The CIB21-Lemon by MIC
The CIB21-Lemon by MIC

Carrying on,
because we must

We are still deeply grieving the passing of our friend and colleague Laëtitia. We will never forget her. The pain is still here. So is the pandemic. Despite this, we are carrying on. After the success of our digital edition last November, we will also be focusing on hosting a virtual event in 2021.

On the first weekend of September—the 4th and 5th—we will once again be offering you festival programming that is both rich and varied. We will try to make all of it as interactive as possible.

This year, we will even be airing TWO simultaneous livestreams on both days—meaning even more readings, artists, workshops, quizzes and conversations for you. Live music will also return as a part of our programming. Our festival location will once more be the Museum for Communication Berlin. Should the situation allow it, we also have plans in our back pocket for welcoming visitors on-site. 

Our featured country this year will be France. We have already lined up a handful of guests. This will also be a way for us to remember Laëtitia, but it will not be the only one. We will have more information for you about this soon.

Just like last year, there will also be an Artist Alley, and we’ve put some thought into how we can virtually connect artists and visitors even better than before. For everyone who would like a (virtual) table at the festival, the application form will soon be live! Everyone who would like to have a (virtual) table at the festival can now find all the information here and register for it here!

Our contest this year has the theme “Communities of the future” and here you will find all information about it. As always, Berliners of all ages can take part.

Satellite events are also waiting in the wings, and you will also be hearing more about them very soon.

Though it is very hard for all of us at the moment, our work continues. For you, for us, and for Laëtitia. Even though she can no longer actively participate in it, ComicInvasion 2021 will be her festival. And it always will be.

See you soon,

Lara and all of the ComicInvasion team