This meetup used to happen at Renate every first Monday in the month. People who are interested in making or reading comics meet, drink, talk or swap their self published zines.

Since June, the comic artists meetup happens only online, in the form of a VIDEO CALL with RSVP’ing before. We turn it into an oportunity to invite mentors from outside of Berlin. Anke Kuhl is the mentor of our Comic Meeting Up in November.

She was born in 1970 in Frankfurt and studied Drawing in Mainz and Offenbach, in Germany. In 2011, she was awarded with the German Youth Literataure Award. Her comic “MANNO” won the renowned comic book award of the Berthold Leibinger Foundation in 2019 and, one year later, the Max & Moritz Prize for the best German Comic for Children. You can get an impression about »MANNO!« on this extensive website (in German, though):

Participation as video call with APPLICATION

Please send an email with the subject line ‘Stammtisch’ to the Meetup coordinator Augusto (augusto [dot] paim [at] gmail [dot] com), he will send you the meeting link on the day. Add to the email what you will be showing and what topics are of interest to you. You don’t have to show your face in the call if you don’t want to, but have your sketches or comics ready in digital form on your computer to be able to get feedback from other comic artists and from the mentor. This online meeting will not be recorded or broadcast publicly, it is only for you artists who are participating.


You find the whole program here.

The Renate Comic Artists Meetup is supported by ComicInvasion and Hauptstadtkulturfonds.