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Bea Davies started her web comic when her child was born. The author initially viewed the comic strips as an exercise in perceiving the world from her child’s perspective, but also in reflecting on herself and her new role as a mother.

Bea Davies tells small stories that are based on real events from everyday life, sometimes more freely, sometimes interpreted close to reality, always authentically. In addition, she gives a good dose of humor and love and lets the reader take part in her very personal experiences and the joy of life of the growing up son. Bea Davies quickly drew some stories, others robbed her of valuable hours of sleep. Since all of these moments are unique, she also used different styles and techniques, making her feel very different moods and atmospheres.

One thing is certain: Bea Davies demonstrates an amazing talent for drawing, which comes to light in many shades in her comic, be it the confident free brushstroke itself or the virtuoso use of light and shadow or the expressive and empathetic representation of people.

Her book is therefore not only a delightful insight into motherly joy and mother suffering, but also a real feast for the eyes.

Stream happened on Thursday June 4th, 9 p.m., live on Facebook

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